My Big Cousin E-Mo and Me

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I’m not an emotional type of dude. I think I have a developed a handle on separating my feelings from my emotions. Master Yoda would be proud. If I had to pin point when I decided to keep my emotions in check it had to be sometimes after the funeral of my Grandmother. During that grieving process I totally lost it and let the emotions overwhelm me to a point that I said I will never allow myself to be in that frame of mind again. Instead of needing a comforting hand to console me, I wanted to become the one with a shoulder to provide family members to cry on. Fair enough right?? I’m supposed to be the “rock” of the family.

However last night I received news that “rocked” my usually cool demeanor; my big “cousin” Eddie “E-Mo” passed away.

Eddie was a cousin not in the blood sense, but a cousin in the fact that his family was close to mine. His mother and my moms would play cards every Friday night. I called her Aunt “Vert”, so by default Eddie, Keisha, Kim, and Krystal became my cousins. And that was important to me because most of my family were located in New Orléans and I only saw them during summer vacation. So Eddie and family became my family who I spent many days with growing up being that they lived 2 blocks away.

Eddie was that big cousin I needed when my family was across the country. He was the one who kept it 100 with me no matter how it may affect my little feelings. One day I began to front on Keisha when my friends came around. The next day Eddie came and paid me a visit to tell me that about myself. It wasn’t like he came to scold me, but he did serve me a reminder on how to treat “family”. Real shit!

Eddie also was the one who introduced me to boom boxes and hip hop. I remember as if it was yesterday going over to house and chillin’ in his room listening to Run DMC, Whodini, and The Fat Boys. I was sitting in his chair while he spun records on his turntable. It was during this time he tried to show me how to scratch. Although it was a skill I never acquired it led me to another avenue that would become a mainstay in my life; MC’ing.

Eddie was a rapper and he took the time out to help his lil cuz get his rhymes off. The first rap I ever wrote I took it around the corner to E-Mo‘s room so I could spit it for him. Even though it was complete trash, he didn’t laugh at me. He just offered some advice on how I should go about attacking a bar, and instructed me to go back to my room and try again. This process went on for Lord knows how many more times, but slowly I began to master my craft. One day during a session I spit a lyric that I knew had him geeked. All he did was smile like a proud older cuz and told me I was ready for the neighborhood chores!! I was an EMCEE! And once I got my big cuz to approve my flow there was no other mc I feared.

There are many of memories I have of E-Mo like:

  • Influencing me to buy my first pair of Adidas. ( I wanted to dress like him)
  • There was a time I was at The Palace roller skating in the fast lane and almost bust my shit wide open. As I began to fall backwards Eddie caught me, stood me back on my feet, and kept skating without missing a beat. As he passed me by I realized what had just happened. He simply turned around and nodded as if I got you lil cuz and kept skating.
  • Teaching me how to play Atari football.
  • Being a middle man for his friend Damien and I, so that I could purchase Damien’s GT bike frame.
  • I remember watching him and his drill team perform their routines at Jackie Robinson middle school.
  • I remember once going over to the playground to hang out with him and his friends as they did “grown” kid shit. He pulled me to the side and told me I had to go home because what they were doing was not any of a kid’s business like mine’s. He told me he would come over to “play” with me the next day. I felt rejected because I just wanted to hang out with him, Shawn, and Damien. But I was just a shorty. However, the next day all 3 of them came to the crib to get me and let me hang with the big boys. Real shit.

Sometimes in life friends grow apart, even those who are “cousins.” The Summer of Sophomore year in high school Aunt Vert passed away and Eddie, Keisha, Uncle Charles and family soon moved down South. So of course over time our family connection faded away. I could no longer go around the corner to check out my big Cuz and fam.

I remember getting a phone call from my mother telling me that Keisha passed away and I felt a void in my life, similar to what I felt last night when I saw E-Mo’s family post that we lost him. Life hurts. The people who you take for granted thinking they will always be a call away if you want to speak to them can be taken away from us; reminding us that although memories can last forever, our presence is very mortal.

So with these words I just wanna say rest in peace Eddie E-Mo Moore. You may be gone, but not forgotten Cuz I still feel ya!! Kiss my Grandmother, Keisha, and Aunt Vert for me. I know there will come a time when we will see each other again. Hopefully when we do I can kick a rhyme that will have you geeked once again.

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