Yacht Rock: Player – Baby Come Back

Written by on September 11, 2014

First of all let me apologize Moguls. It is rough out here as I navigate the sea in my yacht. So I done fooled around and missed giving you a few episodes of Yacht Rock. But damnit I am back like a player. Speaking of Player……..

Baby Come Back is one of those jams that you let ride while you roll out into the sunset wondering when yo old lady is coming back. But see you a Player so you can’t just come right out asking her to come on home. You have to do it Player style. You know, have her catch you in the streets doing some Player shit that will leave her with her mouth open like “damn the homie done moved on!!!” Yep that’s the type of magic you need on your side. However it don’t look like that is happening, so you let Player play on the speakers singing the feelings you have bottled up inside. And maybe just maybe, by the time you get home God has answered your song and yo Baby done came on back.

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