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Written by on September 11, 2014


9/11 will forever be marked as the day that the Twin Towers fell in what was the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. So with all respect let’s have a moment of silence………



Ok. However on this day Jay-Z dropped what could arguably be his greatest album, The Blueprint. Many hip hop heads will point to Reasonable Doubt as Hov’s Thriller. And I am here to tell you that you are wrong!!! Yeah Reasonable Doubt was nice, and yeah it had some of his best lyrics EVER. But Moguls, that Blueprint is the one Jay-Z album that you will ever need if you could only pick one Hov album.

Battle raps……. check

Raps about the girls……. check

Old soul samples…… check

Just Blaze……. check

Relationship track……. check

Introspective lyrics……. check

Fuck the world, egotistical flavor….. check

What else do you need Moguls?? The thing about The Blueprint was the fact that when it dropped many rappers were beginning to throw Rocs at the Throne.  People were beginning to wave their Fuck Jay-Z pom-poms. And then yo boy came thru in that dubbed out buggy, and the shit got all fuzzy.

With The Blueprint Jay-Z did something in rap that I don’t think has ever been before, he dropped arguably his best effort on his 6th album!!! His 6th album son!! Who the hell else did that before Shawn Carter?  No one that I can recall. Yeah Nas dropped Stillmatic, but that was after The Blueprint. With The Blueprint Jay-Z was on his third wind in a game where most cats fade away like a Jordan jumper by their 3rd album. Jay-Z showed rappers the blueprint on how to take this rap shit to the next level.

Another reason The Blueprint holds a special place in my heart is because it sounds like an ALBUM, not a collection of singles. Being that Jay stayed with Kanye West and Just Blaze for the majority of the album it had a cohesive sound. Back then cats were beginning to forget how to actually make albums. Rappers were getting all of their producer friends to each give them a track. So if you had 13 tracks on the album, you at least had 11 different producers on it. Whereas Jay-Z used his in-house producers to craft this opus. And if my memory serves me correct the majority of the album was done in one weekend with Just in one room and Ye in another. You can’t help but to have a classic on your hands with that scenario.

Another reason this album was flames is because it was all Jay-Z. Outside of the lone guest appearance by Em, it an album filled with Jay-Z’s stories. Stories of growing up, stories of selling crack. And he didn’t tell you to sell drugs tho, nope Hov did that so hopefully you wouldn’t have to go thru that. Also for the record, Em didn’t murk Jay on his own track.

So tonite sit back and smoke something, and if you don’t smoke drink a little something. If you don’t drink, light an incense or something and play this joint from front to back.

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