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Written by on September 11, 2014


Recently UML got the chance to sit down and chat with Atlanta based actor Darius Bailey.
In checking out your bio, we see that you were formally in the military, how does one make the transition from the Marine Corp to the world of stage and film?
DB: The transition was simple. Leaving the marine corps, I was equipped with the tools to pursue a goal a field In which many do not succeed. Specifically, I auditioned for roles, researched, then invested my time and energy.

With a resume a decade long that includes stage, sitcoms and film, what role has been the most fulfilling and meaningful to you?
DB: Most fulfilling role was in theatre with the “just another girl” stage play with Right Action Productions. I learned about the art of improvisation, audience feedback, character development.

So you had the opportunity to work on the upcoming final installment of the Fast & Furious series, how did you land that gig and what’s your role without telling us too much about the movie?
DB: My contribution was very insignificant. As an actor we have to earn an income when not booked for those ideal roles. This was one of those scenarios. My part was uncredited.

How was it to be part of such a star studded cast?
DB: Professionalism on set does not allow me to focus on statuses.

How did the mood on set change after the tragic death of Paul Walker?
DB: At the time of Paul Walker’s death I was no longer working on the production.

We see that you are currently working on the ABC network series, Resurrection, tell us about your work there.

DB: Resurrection cast is a very close but family. Both crew and cast. I work as a Double for Omar Epps’ character Agent J. Bellamy. Enjoy working closely with the Directors and Producers, and writers to build their vision. Very rewarding. The experience helps me in my current endeavors as a writer, producer, and director.

What peaks your interest when you are on the hunt for that next role?
DB: Vision of Writer and Director as well as the value of the character in that vision.

How you do stay relevant in a field that keeps evolving?

DB: Bring my unique style to the industry. Continue working and social media. Networking

What does a typical day in the life of Darius Bailey look like?
DB: Monday-Friday I wake up report to ABC Studios, get a scrip, wardrobe, eat breakfast, go over script, van to set(or stages). Try to squeeze in writing for my personal projects. Communicate with agents, casting directors.
Shoot several scenes for resurrection then go home and spend time with family.

Our online publication covers a wide variety of topics. We cover fashion, technology, music, automobiles, hobbies etc. How would you describe your fashion style?

DB: My fashion is very simple, comfortable. I don’t chase labels. I look for timeless fashion and quality apparel.

If we picked up your MP3 player, what type of heat would we find and what would it say about you?

DB: You would find everything from pop, gospel, rap, r&b, country, Disney, movie soundtrack. In my opinion it shows that I’m true to what I like, feel.

Are you a tech junky, if so, what’s your favorite piece of tech you own?

DB: Not a tech junkie but I enjoy technology. My favorite pieces: DSLR camera, Apple TV

Do you interact on social media, if so what’s your poison of choice? Twitter? Instagram? Facebook?
“Poison of choice” DB: Facebook although I use the others. Not as frequently

A few final quick fire questions…

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
DB: Morning if I had to choose.

Perfect vacation? Relaxing beach getaway or Las Vegas high rolling?
DB: Beach any day.

Bow tie or necktie?

DB: Depends on the occasion.

Scotch on the rocks or a beer?

DB: Beer of course although a scotch has it’s place.

Stage or film?

DB: Stage is the root. Film is my work

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You can stay up to date with Darius on Facebook Darius-Bailey and follow on Twitter @darius_baileydu

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