G.O.A.T……..Mr. James Brown and His Technicolor Cape

Written by on September 8, 2014


Over the weekend me and the wife checked out Get On Up at the theatres. With all of the spotty press it was getting I wasn’t expecting much. And although at times the movie seemed a little too after-school specialish it served it’s purpose to me, and that purpose being to (re)introduce James Brown to a generation of people who may not know him. Which for me is just what the Dr. ordered.

I knew of James Brown growing up, thanks to Rocky IV and Eddie Murphy doing the Celebrity Hot Tub skit. But I didn’t KNOW James Brown. To me James Brown was just an old cat who yelled and screamed and had a few hot beats that the hip hop cats sampled the shit out of. I didn’t feel the need to do any further research on Mr. Brown. I heard all of the hits and I felt that I knew him very well. I was wrong though Moguls, very wrong.

James Brown was a musical genius who showed his ass on stage. From the clips I looked up over the last few days I came to understand that Mr. Brown was a beast who did beastly things to a stage. From the having the live band on stage, to him seemingly catching the Holy Ghost while in the midst of a performance tirade.

While combing Youtube for classic footage I ran across a clip of him on the TAMI show where he supposedly brought out the cape for the first time. I must say I have never seen a performance quite like that before in all my days. He owned the stage and the audience with that routine. And the funny thing to me was the fact that this happened in 1964!! When r&b was still in it’s grade school stage.

During the Please, Please, Please performance James became so overwrought with emotion that it looked like he was having a breakdown on stage. His band mates rushed over to his him as he remained on his knees to console him and lead him off the stage drapped in a robe. Just as James began to walk off the stage with them he decided he had some more pleading to do. So he throws off the cape and returns to center stage to rip it up on more time, only to go throw the routine again. CLASSIC shit. What artist out now or since could command a performance like that?? The raw energy, the emotion, the dance steps…… ClassiclyCool in all of it’s glory!!!

So let’s take this moment to give it up to The GodFather of Soul…… Mr. James Brown!

Now onto Jackie Wilson.

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