Reasons Why I Am Glad It Is Football Season!!!!!

Written by on September 3, 2014


Damnit there is a God!!!! Yep and every year around this time He/She smiles upon us common folks in the United States and blesses us with FOOTBALL!!!! Damn it feels good.

  1. It reminds me of playing football in the streets with my friends during those cool fall days after school. When we would play from street pole to street pole with a tree in the middle serving as first down.
  2. Football season brings out the best parties. No one throws a party for the NBA Finals or the World Series. Probably because those events are the best out of 7 so it would be hard to schedule a party in advance. The closest thing we could have to a football party is March Madness, those are cute and fuzzy in a second place way. That is close but no cigar. Nothing compares to a good old fashion football party. Football season brings out the chips and dips. The chili and wings. Tailgating. And some of the best seasonal beers that a brewery has to offer.
  3. Football season gives you an excuse not to do shit for 5 months every week on Sunday. No cutting the grass/raking leaves/ shoveling/painting the fence. No running errands. No church. No shopping. No no no no!!!! Just ESPN until kick off and then the noon game, the 3 o’clock game, the highlights, and then the night game!!! Yep it is all planned out for you and me.
  4. Fantasy football!!! Well I don’t play fantasy football, but I have a ton of friends who do, and they seem to be very happy playing it. So yaaaaayyyyy for fantasy football!!!

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