Morning Waffles….. Tribute To Yacht Rock

Written by on September 1, 2014

I love Yacht Rock. There is something about some smooth rock playing when the windows are down and you are out on the open road. Ya dig?? If you don’t know what Yacht Rock is, then shame on you. In fact shame on your parents also because somewhere along the way they dropped the ball. And if you are a young skipper, shame on you for not broadening your horizons and enjoying this audio crack.

Yacht Rock is that smooth, sunny delight rock music from the 70’s and early 80’s that you primarily heard in the dentist office. Yacht Rock was the soundtrack to a many cocaine filled nights in which young Californian dudes got high and blasted this music while they sailed the waters. You know the dudes with the polyester suits.

Well we here at UML will celebrate Yacht Rock in all of it’s glory this month. So sit back and re-familiarize yourself with these mellow classics.

Now Yacht Rock can be some of the most selfish, guilty pleasure music ever created by man. Because let’s face it, everyone doesn’t enjoy this goodness. But who gives a fuck? It is not for everybody, just as Jordans, BMWs, and strippers ain’t for the masses. Take this jam for instance, Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight. I can see it now, you pop this song on while you dipping with your woman and she looks at you as if you just slapped her moms… “what the fuck is this??” You just tell her, Boo it is Afternoon Delight!!!! Whatever that is. In fact I am not sure what Afternoon Delight is. Could it be a cigarette? How about a lil greeny green greens? Or maybe some ass cakes? Who knows, but this song makes it as our number #30 song in our Yacht Rock countdown.

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