Your Old Droog: I Don’t Care If It’s Nas Or Not

Written by on August 27, 2014

If you live in a cave you probably haven’t been watching the never-ending saga of Your Old Droog.  Half of the industry believes he is actually Nas. Others believe he’s a white kid from Brooklyn that is  nice with the bars.  While the similarities are uncanny, I personally don’t think it’s Nas.  I’m not going to put any money on that but it seems a bit elaborate just to trick a few fans.  I will say that at the beginning  my homeboy and I sped up the tracks and were positive it was him. The cadence, the old school references and overall feel is all “Golden Era” Nas.  Another theory we had is that Nas coached Droog and possibly gave him a book of rhymes from the 90’s and told him to run with it. Regardless, I’m not feeling all the conspiracy bullshit.  Take a listen below:

It sounds like Nas right?  Well some people like Marco Polovision have turned it into an insane, Mel Gibson like, ‘Conspiracy Theory’.  Complete with over-the-top references to everyone Nas has worked with, the video below paints an elaborate string theory that’s quite possible but slightly desperate sounding.

Part of the problem is that when Droog initially came out there was only one picture of him that surfaced.

The face of course does not match the voice.  That got the rumor mill churning.  After days of no photos or video, articles started popping up with peeps saying they knew Droog.  Later rappers like Mac Miller would claim to have worked with Droog.

After all the non-information about Droog we finally got some actual proof of his existence.  A video surfaced, pretty much out of nowhere, featuring Droog rapping with DJ Skizz, eloquently titled “Just Rhymin With Skizz”.

With 32,00 hits overnight it seemed like Droog had put all the rumors to bed.  Of course not.  If you look close you’ll notice the comments have been disabled on the YouTube page.  I investigated a few other sites with the video posted and was appalled by the comments.  Many were in reference to his race, which is totally inconsequential.  Others were claiming he lip synched.  I suppose if he did…there was plenty of time to learn but again it seems like too much.  The only acceptable reasoning I could see behind the ruse is for Nas to promote the relaunch of  Mass Appeal, which he has a stake in.

Would Nas pull off a publicity stunt that vast just to promote his label?  Maybe, but it doesn’t seem likely.  Either way we will find out on September 3rd when Droog takes the stage at Webster Hall in New York.

I get asked at least once a day what I think about this whole fiasco.  As I said at the beginning, I don’t believe it is Nas.  I think Droog emulates Nas as homage.  Most rappers sound in some way, shape or form like the emcees they came up listening to the most.  Granted Droog’s is a bit extreme, it’s still dope.  Nas hasn’t rapped like that in nearly 20 years so why can’t dude give us what we want?  I dig all the 90’s references, obscure New York slang and minimalist beats.  If it so happens that Nas walks out on stage on September 3rd…I still don’t care.  The album is nice and so is whoever is rapping.

We will have someone in the audience who will be alerting us as soon Droog/Nas walks out.  So stay tuned.

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