UML Is Looking For Shoe Heads……

Written by on August 25, 2014


Everybody says they collect shoes these days. However, we want the ones who collect shoes. Not the ones who buy a pair a pair of shoes wear them once and then turn around to sell them so that they can cop the next ones. We don’t want you. We also not checking for the ones who are hypebeast, chasing the latest model in hopes that hey can sell them for a profit. Nope we don’t want your type. We want the ones who have a passion for shoes. Who live and breathe shoes. The ones who pick what shoe to wear depending on the way the sun is shining. The ones who love the scent of crisp kicks when they crack open the box for the first time. The ones who has a story for every pair of kicks they purchase, those are the ones we want.

If you fit that description, send a picture(s) of your collection, social media tag, and story to We will feature a few chosen shoe heads for our ongoing feature on the shoe culture.


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