There Goes The Neighborhood……. Loud Music

Written by on August 24, 2014


I love loud music like anyone else Moguls. Well I think I just lied a little. Let me clarify my statement. I love loud music in doses. But not that REAL loud music. Not the loud music that will have your ears ringing the next day. Not that loud music where you have to yell to talk to the person next to you. Not that loud music that disrupts a neighborhood on an otherwise quiet Saturday afternoon. I hate that….. I really hate that.

Last Saturday I called myself chilling with my wife and our favorite married couple to kick it with. (Yep I have become domesticated ladies and gentlemen.) And we just planned on firing up the grill, drinking a few beers, smoking  a cigar or two and enjoying one of the last weekends in August. You know the G.A.M.E., but my neighbors were on that shit.

It started off as racket in the background noise. As we sat there sippin beers we would hear the occasional noise that resembled carnival workers assembling tea cups rides. In fact I asked Poindexter “Is it a carnival behind us?” I was ready to go over there and purchase funnel cakes and shit. No harm no foul right? Just a little Saturday evening noise on an otherwise quiet block. So I didn’t sweat it, but then it happened. The cats hit the POWER button.

When I say loud music Moguls, that is not giving the noise it’s proper credit. This shit was SUMMERFEST loud. It sounded like a carnival, music festival, and LL’s Booming System all wrapped in one ratchet package. The music could have been heard 2 blocks away. Some of my white neighbors came out of their house and began to point in the direction that the music was coming from as if they were pointing to animals at the zoo. Like “look honey, have you ever heard such loud music??” And at that point I began to feel bad for my neighbors. Not only was the music loud as fuck that I swore Redman was inside the trunk, but it was that classic bullshit that makes you hate current rap music. That, if you listen to me you won’t graduate out of high school music. Fucked up right?

So as I sat there and kind of laughed saying to myself, they getting it in I began to realize that they were not stopping anytime soon. Tracks began to repeat because I swear these young cats only had about 7.34 songs, and not a one was played in it’s entirety. They played repeated music and they played repeated music. I heard the first verse to Nicki Minaj’s Pills and Potion about 33 times in a two hour window. I went from never hearing the song before, to saying “oh that Minaj track is catchy, to if I hear that muthafunking song one more time I’m shoving the speakers up they ass!!! That is the whole emotional gamut and I wish that experience on no man.

I hopped on the horn and called the cops hoping they would come save the day. Nope. Even though I was the 7th person calling to complain about the little homies there were more pressing issues to deal with on a Saturday evening. The ONLY thing that saved the day was the rain showers that not only canceled my backyard getaway but also rained out their ratchet fest. LMAO their Ratchet Fest was rained out!!

Thank you rain.

What was the point of this post? I don’t know. I do see however, for the first time how white flight happens in a neighborhood though. I also understand how neighbors can get into disputes that can lead to busting caps. I now get it why home owners hate to see renters infiltrate a neighborhood. I do see how the quality of neighborhoods/cities can decline while the people “who have”  leave to go to the quiet suburbs. Yep I get it now. Thanks loud dudes with the ratchet music.


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