We Need A New Style of Looting

Written by on August 11, 2014


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This morning I woke up to my newsfeed humming about how St. Louis was off the chain. I quickly fired up the laptop and saw exclusive footage, however they could have shown me footage from 1992 or 1967 or 1965 it all looks the same. African-Americans tearing up they own shit. A few people taking the chance to get a cell phone, tv, shoes, etc. “The same song, sang wrong” It is time for a new tune folks.

I am cut from some different shit, the nephew of Malcolm X if you will. We have prayed, got educated, marched, had sit-ins, marched some more, and cried, BUT nothing changed. African-American males are still in season, all year long, all the damn time. 9 out of 10 times the person who pulls the trigger gets nothing more than a few weeks of publicity and is let off never to be heard from again. Something has to change.

While I sat there cueing up Ice Cube’s Death Certificate I began to get into my vibe and I wondered how different would shit be if instead of tearing up they own hood, folks went to the neighborhood of the one who committed the crime? How hectic would things get if 1000 people walked straight to the neighborhood of the cop who bust the shot? Neighbors would probably look out the window and shit bricks. Police would be called, and I am sure a “misunderstanding” will take place. BUT I am certain that this technique would be 100% more effective than looting the Quickie-Mart for slushies and Snickers.


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