I Watched Black Jesus So You Wouldn’t Go To Hell

Written by on August 8, 2014


This had to be the most blasphemous 30 minutes that I have ever spent in my life. I tuned in hoping that Aaron McGruder would deliver on the project that he spoke about for a minute. But man…. after watching episode 1 I feel that I need to bathe in Lake Michigan with John The Baptist pouring a keg full of holy water on me.

Not that the show didn’t have it’s moments, (I liked the po-po perm joke, but the wifey looked at me like I stole from the collection plate) but something felt wrong seeing a character portraying Jesus in such a way. I know that if Jesus was here today he would hang with the sinners and whatnot, but damn would it look like this? Would Jesus sit in the hood smoking blunts and drinking 40’s? Lord have mercy, I have just committed an unthinkable sin.

Maybe if the show was called Black Moses, or Enoch the Gangster it wouldn’t feel so sinful. You know a show about an Urban Noah saving fools before a blizzard comes thru could be hot and I would have less of a conscience watching it. But seeing Black Jesus walk around slanging curse words like parables didn’t sit well with me. It sort of felt like new millennium coon shit, which hurts my heart because I know Aaron McGruder is not on some coon shit. His style of satire  usually rings true for the Black community, but for whatever reason, it was missing here. Maybe it will hit the point as time passes.

And you know what the funny thing is…… the show will probably be around for the rest of the season.  Niggas will continue to be said.  Black Jesus will probably bang a few $%#& (Lord I couldn’t even type it!!!)  And we will continue to watch, similar to a train-wreck or one of those World Star videos. You know you shouldn’t watch it, but your guilty pleasure will tune in when it pops up on the screen. I am sure Black Jesus will have the same effect.

So I say this in advance, Lord forgive us because I am sure we have sinned. This story isn’t meant to be told at least not in this fashion. But every Thursday we will tune in. For some of us it may be a guilty pleasure. For others it just may be comedy. And for another portion it may be to simply criticize and complain. I’m not sure where I fall, but I will tune in next week…… maybe.

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  1. CannedBeatz   On   August 8, 2014 at 8:52 am

    I couldn’t even watch it…I saw the previews and laughed, but then I had to pray for forgiveness. I like a funny Jesus joke from time to time, but I’m afraid this show may be over the top for me.

  2. Angela   On   August 8, 2014 at 10:29 am

    As a community of black people we should be ashamed of ourselves. This show should have never been allowed to air. Once again we’ve allowed and even encouraged misrepresentation of ourselves and our faith. No wonder we struggle to be respected. WE LACK RESPECT FOR OURSELVES. This show won’t air in my home.

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