Nervous???? Nah I’m Good Playboy……

Written by on August 7, 2014

Moguls as of today I have 9 days before I jump the broom. My fiancé and I have met with the Reverend, picked out the cake, and went over the guest list 20-eleven times. So I guess it is safe to say, we are getting married. Over the course of six months one question has been repeated more than others, “Are you nervous yet?”  Nervous? Nervous? If anyone knows Danny P you know I don’t do nervous. Nervous is for suckers who don’t know any better. I remain cool even under the hottest circumstances. I graduated Suma Cool Lawdy in a class full of pimps!! I teach cool like….. I think you get the point. I be like “Nah playboy, I’m good…”

But I will admit, after hearing the question so many damn times I began to wonder, “what is in store for me??” Does the wifey turn into Oprah Winfrey mixed with Honey Boo-Boo’s mom when she takes off the wedding dress? Why do they insist that I should be nervous right about now? What are they not telling me?

It’s not that I am downplaying the importance of the day. I understand what I am about to get myself into. I know that in a few short days I will be committing myself to a woman that if need be I will die for. I can understand why some cats get their nerves all bundled up because the thought of all eyes watching as you say “I do” could be enough to make most men vomit in their patent leather shoes. But Danny P (The P stands for Poitier) is cut from a different mink. “I’m good playboy!!” I truly am.

Maybe it’s because for most of my life I played the game by my own set of rules. When others were around me jumping the broom like it was going out of style, I stayed pat.”I’m good playboy!!”  I enjoyed how life was going so I decided when I FELT the time was right I would do the damn thing. I could’ve gotten married a few times in my day if I just wanted to keep up with the Jones. But the way the odds play out, I probably would have been divorced by now paying child support somedamnwhere. And like the homie Nas once said,” I don’t plant seeds/ don’t need an extra mouth I can’t feed.”  So instead I chilled. I chilled until the spirit moved me to become an honest man, and my friends my time has come.

Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigalo

It was difficult for me to find the chick I want

Perhaps I may get a little nervous the day of. I may damn near pass out as I get dressed in my fly tux. Maybe it will hit me like a bag of bowling balls that I am actually getting married. Who the hell knows? What I do know is that for the first time in my life I have found a lady that I would like to share my last name with and she is cool with it. So in the words of some old school dude whom I can’t recall his name…… “I’m GOOD playboy!!!”

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