Mogul Etiquette 101….The Checklist For The Man Getting Married

Written by on August 6, 2014


So you proposed now what? Don’t sweat it Moguls we have you covered from A to Z.

  1. Propose
  2. Make announcements- This is when you tell all your friends. Make a post on Facebook, Instagram, local newspaper, blog, or even make a Tweet. Whatever you do tell your friends. HOWEVER, some people you should inform personally; like your parents, grandparents, close family members, etc.
  3. Choose your best man and groomsmen. The best man shouldn’t necessarily be your best friend or close family member. He should be the person who can get the job done. From planning your bachelor party, getting you out the party alive, to making sure you arrive on time for your big day; your best man should have you covered.
  4. Make an affordable budget – Make sure whatever your budget is that you and your wife can pay for it. Don’t think caviar when you have a value ┬ámeal account. Visit and get more details.
  5. The guest list – This is where things get tricky, because your parents may have all types of people in mind to invite from your once upon a time neighbor you haven’t seen since the days of training wheels to HER grade school teacher. However, if this is your 2nd or 5th wedding you should invite fewer people. In fact once you get passed the 2nd wedding you might as well elope and call it a day.
  6. Start booking places – Now it is time to pick a venue, secure a preacher, photographer, dj, florist, hotel block, rehearsal dinner location etc. etc. etc.
  7. Wedding license
  8. Rings – This is where you get to pick the rings. Her ring is pretty simple enough compared to the engagement ring. You just have to find a band that compliments her engagement ring. Your ring is the tricky part. Do you go with the flashy pimp ring? How about a simple band? Our advice is to pick something classic that won’t go out of style. Especially since you will be stuck with the ring for the rest of your life or marriage, whichever ends first.
  9. Pick out the best groomsmen gifts from stores or online.
  10. ┬áDecide on a cool wedding reception hashtag – This is for all the Instagramming that will go down
  11. Keep your cool
  12. Be on time
  13. Get your smile on and look cool for pictures
  14. Shake hands and get your thank you speech on
  15. Eat
  16. Dance while the whole room looks, claps and takes pictures
  17. Smile again
  18. Leave the party just as smooth as you walked in
  19. Sex
  20. Sleep
  21. Eat breakfast
  22. Off to your honeymoon

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