Stephen A Smith Is A Better Man Than I

Written by on July 30, 2014

When I was growing up I was taught to respect women and never under any circumstances should I hit them. And I lived by that rule. For my decades of existence I can honestly say I never struck a lady. I may have been provoked a few times, and I may have been in the right if I did. But I chose the higher ground and I walked away. However, as I type this I know that isn’t the train of thought these days for some men.

Stephen A Smith mentioned last week to the viewers on First Take that women should not “provoke” a man into hitting them, and some women got their “draws” in a bunch. “How can a man condone hitting a lady!?!?!” “What’s wrong with him?!?!” But honestly, I see nothing wrong with what he said.

If Stephen A Smith would have said something along the lines of “ladies don’t piss your man off because he just might hit you!” , or “Men it is ok under any circumstance to slap the shit out of a lady!!”, he would have been wrong. But he said that IF a lady hits a man she can’t be surprised if he hits her back!! That is all he said in a nutshell, and what is wrong with that?

Women need to learn that it is just a wrong for them to strike a man as it is for him to hit them. Far too often I have seen women spit, scratch, hit, try everything in their arsenal to get under a man’s skin. What is the purpose? Is she hoping that he will get so bent out of shape that he will raise up on her? Is she trying to get him locked the hell up?

Now I do still agree with the fact that a man should not hit a lady. He should walk away, restrain her, run away do whatever he can to avoid striking her. But not every man thinks like me AND there are some women out there who will put the paws on a man and knock him the hell out if he isn’t careful.

I remember chillin in the old neighborhood one day seeing a couple argue. The lady was basically telling the man he wasn’t shit for whatever reason. Old dude decided it was time to go so he went to hop into his ride. As he tried to put the keys into the door to unlock it she knocked them out of his hands, and attempted to kick them away. As he bent over to pick them up she kicked him in the face. Now as you can imagine the cat was upset, but he still didn’t hit her. He just grabbed his bleeding mouth and went to pick the keys up a second time. While he was bent over she jumped on his back and began to hit him and scratch him calling him this, that, and the third. Luckily some people ran over there to assist him in his need of help. But if he would have turned around and slapped her, I wouldn’t have been mad at him.

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