Late Summer Bucket List…..

Written by on July 27, 2014


Well Moguls, summer is quickly coming to a conclusion. In fact we wait all year for this season and it seems to only last for two weeks, a weekend if you live in the mid-west. So what is a Mogul to do? Live out these dog days as if it will wrap up in 24 hours. Don’t worry your good friends at UML has compiled a list for you to ride out the summer of 2014 in style.

  1. Take a weekend road trip, using the side streets – Find a local out of town destination and skip the expressway. What better way to see the surrounding areas than by way of the side streets? Pick a close enough spot where using the “byways” will still get you there in 2 or 3 hours. Along the way pull over and soak up the atmosphere. If you see a nice lake, pull over with your lady and take a picture. When you pass that ice cream stand, go get a shake. Nothing is better than a nice ride thru the country side on a summer day.
  2. Read a book – What better way to waste a summer day away than reading a book? Get you a nice spot in the yard or deck and catch p on that book you have been planning on reading.
  3. Hit up a county fair – Those fairs that you drive by on your way to wherever you go in the summer, pull over. You just might catch something nice to eat like a funnel cake. County fairs are a nice way to take you back to yesteryear, and if you are lucky you just might find a good piece of food to eat.
  4. Pick your favorite restaurant and eat outdoors – Can you beat eating jerk chicken outside absorbing the culture of the neighborhood?
  5. Have drinks at a rooftop bar during sunset – This one takes a little planning but wouldn’t it be nice to have some Ciroc while you watch the sun slip away to its nightly slumber? For bonus points pick a location that also has live music playing.
  6. Catch a baseball game and tailgate – Tailgating is the American way!! Gather up a view friends, grab some brats, wings and beer and get your tailgate on. Don’t worry about going into the game until you are good and full or when security kicks you out.
  7. Have a water fight – Life is too grown-up these days. Far too many responsibilities that we must tend to. So why not fill some balloons with water or get a super-soaker and wet the hell out of some people.
  8. Play chess in the park – Don’t know why but this always seemed like a nice way to slow down the day.
  9. Host a day party – Invite a few friends over during the evening hours and have drinks and light food. Toss in some tunes and all of a sudden you are a winner. Plus you can have them out of your crib before the 10 o’clock news. They don’t have to go home, but….
  10. Sleep in – Turn off the phone and computer and just vegetate for the day. Act as if you truly don’t have a care in the world. Enjoy each minute of the day. Sleep a little, wake up eat watch a few minutes of ESPN and then fall back to sleep.  Be lazy.

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