Are You Ready For NFL Sunday Ticket????

Written by on July 16, 2014


I fools with Directv, and the only reason is because I need Sunday Ticket in my life. Sunday is not a fun day if I can’t scroll thru umpteen games trying to figure out what is the best watch. But now it looks like you can stream the NFL Sunday Ticket without having Directv.

However, before you cut the cord to Directvness, you have to see if you are even eligible to stream all of that goodness.

To find our if you’re eligible, you need to put your info in a form. Naturally, there’s a (by default checked) box asking if it’s OK to sign you up for info on DirecTV services. If you live in an apartment building where satellite dishes are banned, or are in college, you’ll be offered a streaming package of your liking — the same as was available in years past, just on a few more devices now. But if you live in a house or somewhere DirecTV thinks it can get you as a potential customer? You’re out of luck, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a sign-up fliers will be headed your way. I gave it a shot and unsurprisingly found my current address (a home) was ineligible, while my previous address (an apartment) was eligible.

Check it out for yourself Moguls….. hopefully it is all good where you are.



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