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Written by on September 11, 2013

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When you think about mobile games, the BlackBerry OS doesn’t immediately come to mind. However, BlackBerry has been making a ton of changes to bring themselves into the modern day smartphone world, and BlackBerry OS 10 provides a platform that mobile game developers want to be on. The game library for the latest version of the operating system has been growing at a steady pace across all genres. One reason for this is that BlackBerry specifically developed the platform with flexibility in mind for developers, according to The Full Signal. The puzzle games in particular are tempting, especially because these¬†new cell phones are sick¬†and ready for games. You’re not a proper mobile gamer until you’ve downloaded these five games onto your smartphone.

Little Big City

Little Big City is a city puzzle and simulation game that puts you at the head of a growing town. You control the look and feel of your city, placing buildings wherever you’d like, adding decorations to spruce up the town and playing puzzle mini games to keep the action hopping. You have access to a dozen missions, 5 AI neighbors, and cartoon 3D graphics.

Nightmares From the Deep: Cursed Heart

This puzzle and adventure game puts you in the shoes of a museum owner whose daughter just got captured by an undead pirate. As if regular pirates weren’t bad enough! This game draws you into its mystery as you try to figure out the pirate’s story, working through 48 locations in hidden object style game play. It also includes Mahjong if you get tired of playing hidden object puzzle games, and need a break. This isn’t the type of puzzle game you pick up and play. It has an extensive storyline for a mobile game, so you’ll want to play this one fairly often so you don’t forget anything that happened.


Quell is simple at its core, with beautiful art direction and a strong soundtrack. The goal is to get a drop of water around the stages, but you’re hindered by obstacles and traps. There’s pearls you must collect on each level, with 80 levels in total. The art direction is distinctive due to the fact that it’s all hand painted, adding a great atmosphere that goes along with the excellent soundtrack.


Unless your name is Mario and you have a brother named Luigi, you probably don’t have an overwhelming urge to delve down some drain pipes. However, in Plumber your goal is to create a path for the water to flow through the pipes. You’re presented with a screen full of pipe sections, and you need to move and rotate them so that the water gets to its destination. It’s simple, classic puzzle game play that gives you some great pick up and play options.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler

If you were in school in the late ’80s and early ’90s, you remember the Apple II computers set up with Oregon Trail. While it’s not traditionally considered a puzzle game, it challenges your mind as you make your way across the frontier. Classic Oregon Trail game play is combined with a graphical update that gives you a truly enjoyable time.

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