Somewhere In America Miley Cyrus Is Still Twerking……..

Written by on August 26, 2013

I missed the MTV VMA’s last night, not sure what I was watching exactly. But knowing the history of the VMA’s as of late, I didn’t miss anything. However, last night my RSS feed, Facebook, and Twitter was blowing up about the Miley Cyrus performance. Even the local morning news show chimed in on how “disgusting” she was. So immediately I had to check into exactly what Ms Miley Twerk Cyrus did, and I was not surprised nor appalled. Miley did what she has been doing for months, the same thing that millions of girls have been doing for years.

Why is America so shocked?

Haven’t we seen more shocking things on tv? In videos? At the club? Hell half of us have done more appalling things than Miley can ever dream up. Shit what she did was akin to cats doing Da Butt with Spike Lee back in the day. Hell Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch in numerous videos and it was all good.

I hate to admit it but I think it has less to do with what the act was and more about who was doing it. Miley Cyrus’ recent love affair with Black America has come back home to twerk. For years MTV, BET and many other video outlets have shown African-American girls getting they groove on and no one batted an eye. Miley hops her ass on stage and people are falling thru they own assholes. Are they afraid that this trend will led suburban girls to don gold teeth, stick out they tongue and twerk the night away?

If it is good for the goose it is good for the gander, continue twerking yo ass off Miley Cyrus. My cousin put a spin on the situation “Aaaahhh white America, you’re so adorable, you’re comparable to Goldie Locks wandering pass the edge of the woods and into the ghetto, so many new things for you to discover.”

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