Admiring Celebrity Athletes from Afar: The Cars We (Sadly) Cannot Imitate

Written by on August 23, 2013


Celebrities tend to attract attention with everything they do. The clothes they wear, the food they eat, and activities they enjoy are all prone to becoming the latest thing for the rest of the country.

The cars driven by those on the A-list, however, present more intrigue from afar. Few people, no matter how much they might admire the driver, can afford to shell out hundreds of thousands or more on an automobile. That leaves most of the general population watching the automobile choices of celebrities with interest, wonder, and perhaps some envy.

Athletes have especially attracted significant attention for their choices of transportation. Here are just a few flashy car choices for sports lovers and car lovers, alike.

Lebron James

As the basketball prodigy who was picked right out of high school, the talent and skills of Lebron James have certainly attracted attention over the past few years. His cars have plenty of admirers of their own. He has been spotted with a Porsche, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Challenger, Camaro, and Ferrari F430.

Some of these fast cars have cast a spell on James as he was pulled over for going over 100 mph on his 23rd birthday in ’08. He did plead no contest, and paid his $259 fine, but it probably didn’t pinch too much considering he regularly makes over $100,000 per game.

Dwight Howard

On the court, Howard is known for his blocking skills and rebounds. Off the court, this NBA celebrity definitely knows how to choose some nice cars. His car collection includes a Ferrari FF, at least one Rolls-Royce, and a Porsche Panamera. Good luck finding an affordable Ferrari anywhere between LA and in Tucson, Arizona as the base MSRP hovers around a cool $300,000.

Car lovers will love to know these cars seem to be cared for and that aside from occasional fun ‘planking’ on them, they have not been in the news for traffic violations or accidents.

Lardarius Webb

The cornerback for the Ravens has made quite the catch with his white Aston Martin Rapide. The high-performance sedan has only been produced since 2010, making Webb a bit of a trailblazer. He attracts both lovers and haters for his choice of matching 22-inch white Asanti wheels to the rest of his ride, some say it looks stylish, and others think the white stacked on white really ruins the beautiful machine.

Eljero Elia

Apparently Eljero Elia has a need for speed both on and off the field, evidenced by his selection of a Bentley GT as his car of choice. Unfortunately, the red and black beauty was damaged in an accident in May 2013. Although the car was reported to be quite repairable and the damage wasn’t extensive, it was said to have come soon after Elia found himself suspended for the rest of the season following a heated argument with police officers about a completely separate incident.

These celebrities have wowed the world both as athletes and in their choice of transportation. Not every car rides equally. Although these famous athletes offer fans many areas where they can be imitated, from diet to sports technique, their choice of the car is probably going to have to remain admired from afar.

Image by FotoSleuth pursuant to the terms of his Creative Commons license.

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