This Illuminati Talk Has Got To Stop……

Written by on August 8, 2013



We here at Urban Mogul Life have been at this thing for over 4 years now, and by far our most famous post is the one about Illuminati. It was a nice Boondocks style article that mocked the current state in Hip Hop where some of us felt every rapper making more than $100 a year had to be in the Illuminati. Some people took the post serious and some knew it was UML style comedy. Well now the foolery continues Moguls. The Illuminati talk is still running rampant.

Today as I was making my rounds across the social media landscape I spotted an article that claimed that Jay-Z  JAY Z was photographed wearing a shirt that depicted Jesus having sex with Satan!!! Let that sink in for a minute Moguls.


Who in da funk would wear such a thing? I don’t know any man gay, straight, or bi that would wear a shirt of two men having sex, let alone Jesus and Lucifer. That is some crazy shit!!!

Who said a black man in the Illuminati
Last time I checked, that was the biggest racist party

Ladies and Gentlemen….. there are no rappers/entertainers in the Illuminati. JAY Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne are not devil worshipers. They may from time to time say some ignorant shit, but that doesn’t make them Illuminati. Kanye West didn’t sacrifice his mother to become a member of the secret society. It is ignorant and very simple-minded for those of you who believe that to continuously spout off at the mouth. I hoped it was nothing more than a passing fade. I actually thought it would lead cats to read more, but I was wrong.

These next three bars is dedicated to the retards
Keep on asking me about the Illuminati
Is you stupid nigga
Young Black millionaire
Old White billionaires
I’m sure that they can do without me
And I ain’t really into sacrificing human bodies

I guess after the Usher incident some of you will claim that it was a failed attempt by Usher to sacrifice his son. Stupid ninjas.

And now back to our regularly scheduled Mogul shit.

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