Hip Hop and the Summer: Recollections of a Hip Hop Head

Written by on August 3, 2013


The Summer and I have at least one thing in common; we both love Hip Hop. In fact you can’t have a summer without Hip Hop. ¬†They go together like catfish and grits, white tees and Air Force 1’s, you know Ashford and Simpson. As far as I can recall Hip Hop has been a part of my summer.

I can recall…….

1) Listening to Egyptian Lover on the front porch as I tried to come up with my break dancing name… (Baby B)

2) Jam On It was the block party anthem one year. The homie Will had a boom box that provided the sounds for that summer.

3) My big Cousin Eddie pulled out It’s Like That, and at that moment I was introduced to the b boy. No more boots and feathers and shit. Just Adidas and gold chains playboy!!!

4) Going to see Beat Street and getting the soundtrack with the Grandmaster Melle Mel and Furious Five track.

5) Walk This Way and realizing that Hip Hop was on some other shit and if we wanted to we could take over the world. Hell we were on MTV!!

6) UTFO…… who can forget UTFO????? By then I had my very own boom box and I bumped Leader of the Pack on it.

7) Rock The Bells……. that is all…….

8) Fuck 1988…. I think that whole summer was nothing but Hip Hop. I bumped Rob Base, Big Daddy Kane, Eric B and Rakim, Biz, EPMD, Slick Rick, etc……

9) Fight The Power….. Do The Right Thing…….black medallions no gold…..

10) I can recall the old school cat Damien riding down the street with the house speaker in his trunk playing LL’s “Booming System”. Classicly Cool.

11) Kind of hate to admit it now…. but I bumped that OPP back in the day.

12) But I really was into that Cypress Hill “How Could I Just Kill A Man”.

13) Pete Rock and CL Smooth TROY was another experience for me.

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