The Don Lemon 5 Step Anti Hip Hop Plan

Written by on July 29, 2013

Mr. Don Lemon  sounds like a cat who doesn’t really know what’s going on in the community. Or rather I say…. he  doesn’t understand the root of the problems in the African-American communities. His “No Talking Points” segment reminded me of the grumpy ass cousin who always had it all trying to tell his family members it is easy as “this!! Only lazy people fall behind!!”

When Don Lemon first got on his soap box and discussed simply looking at the Black on Black crime epidemic wasn’t good enough, I was like…. ole boy finna drop some knowledge on CNN? He is about to tell it like it is? But instead  he used his moment to rehash the same lame points that we all have heard 50/11 times before. I’m not impressed homie, not at all.

5. No sagging pants – For real Don? This is point number one? That we as a people will be times better if we just pulled up our pants?       Maybe while we are at it, we should stop buying $100 kicks and hoodies? I bet you scores of kids out here wish they would have  fell upon this little jewel. How about the females? I guess since many of them don’t sag their pants they already one up in the race to             middle-class. Gotcha!

4. The N Word – Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga. Opps. N Word, N Word, N Word, N Word. That word is a side issue that only is really a problem for A) White people who feel/wish that they could say it. And B) Bill Cosby and the  fraction of Blacks who for whatever reason it pisses them off also. But my first question is who taught this current generation to say the word? Was it a problem when Richard Pryor was naming albums with The N-Word? That was at least a decade before Niggas Wit Attitudes popped up. The N-Word is a small side issue that the media has us all wrapped up in. I don’t give a damn if Ice Cube or Paula Deen says it. Sorry, there are more pressing issues for my people.

3. Pick up the trash – Pick up the trash? With all this nonsense that is going on in our communities you talking about paper on the ground? True indeed no one likes to live in filth, nor should they, but come on pleighboi!?! At least Bill O’Reilly was talking about the breakdown of the Black family, you up here talking about big pants and dirty streets.

2. Finish school – Now we are beginning to talk Don, finish school! Yep you about right on that one there. But too bad it took you 4 points to get there. But instead of saying African-Americans aren’t finishing school because they are afraid of acting white, why don’t you talk about the under funded schools in the inner-city. Or the lack of technology, quality curriculum, materials, over-crowded classes, etc that plague so many of our schools. I’m damn sure that the kids in these classrooms aren’t failing school because they are afraid of acting white. That is the furthest thing on their mind.

1. Having children out of wedlock – Bingo Don you won the million dollar question!! Stop having babies out of wedlock. Half of all marriages end in divorce Don, what are you talking about? That is half white marriages, black marriages, Hispanic marriages, etc marriages. All them joints end in divorce. And that isn’t new, it has been going on as long as I remember. Many of us grew up in single parent households. Once again dig deeper Don since you want to go there. How about saying Fathers need to be in the life of their children?  Out of wedlock doesn’t = lack of support from the father. Ask Brad Pitt.

Don I challenge you not to turncoat. We don’t need another Tavis Smiley out there grinning saying “all you need is good manners, a suit, and an education and you can be as good as me!!” There are centuries of racism that we have yet to completely shake. Every Trayvon Martin or Fruitvale Station reminds us how far we have yet to go. And I am sure that the Don Lemon Anti Hip Hop 5 Step Plan will not get us to  the table. I’m sorry “dog” I ain’t buying the shit you shoveling.

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