Mogul Etiquette 101….. How To Apply Smell Goods

Written by on July 1, 2013


Small bottles will do–  Believe it or not my Moguls, cologne gets stale. It only stays fresh for about a year. After that you should toss it out. So unless you like to wear the same scent daily, you should skip the large bottles. Most likely you won’t get through the bottle anyway.

Keep it simple– Unless you are a lady, all you need is a little on each side of the neck. Don’t drench yourself in it. People should not smell you coming down the street before they see you. A cologne scent should be a pleasant surprise to those privileged enough to get close to you.

Rotate your smell goods– Like your outfits, you should have cologne in rotation for each season. Summer time should call for a light scent, while the colder months should bring out the heavier smelling fragrances.


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