Five Reasons Why Magna Carta Holy Grail Has To Knock

Written by on June 22, 2013



As you all know Jay-Z, Hova, Lucky Lefty, The Black Branch Rickey has some new music coming out, and the whole world is holding it’s collective breath. But I know some of us are wondering “will it be good?” Well instead of wondering I am telling you why it needs to hit!!!

  1. Hov needs to light the summer up. – Remember when Jay-Z would lock down the whole summer? I think the homie ran like 7 summers in a row doing what he did best, flow. And because the critics didn’t admit it, the youngings probably never heard the tales. Well damnit Hov needs to take us back to 2001! He needs to light the radio up and give us that summer anthem that will feed us like¬†Myddle’s beef brisket, (UML inside). A perfect collection of songs by Jay-Z is just what the doctor is ordering.
  2. Jay-Z needs to show the younglings how it is done. –¬†There are too many wet behind the ear rappers coming a dime for 25, with that shoot a nigga bam, bam, booty on the glass rap. The younglings need that real rap Hov. They need that Timbs, boombox on the front porch rap. They need that bang on the lunch room table, shut a cipher down rap. They need that red cup on the lawn ra….(wrong artist). But you get my point. They need it, like 50 Cent needs a hit. These young ringworms look at Jay-Z the same way I looked at Chuck Berry, yeah I heard he was a dope muthafucka but what has he done for me lately? These padawans been in the trap far too long and don’t know what real rap is. Show em how to do this Son!!!
  3. He Is About Due A Hot One. – Since playboy came out of retirement he only had one hot ass album, American Gangster. And that was way back in ’07!! Kingdom Come had more skips than a senior smoking in the bathroom! And although Blueprint 3 wasn’t lame, it was far from a classic. Hovie needs some noise that is undisputably hot. No questions asked. He needs that last hot classic to bookend his shit and shut those trump mouth haters stuck in 89-93 the fuck up!!! Yep, that is what he needs.
  4. Life Is Good – The homie Nas shut shit down last summer with Life Is Good. Made suckers do an about face and salute his ass. The only clowns who dismissed the flames that were Life Is Good were the dudes who rock sandals in the city. We don’t care about those types. Jay needs one of those albums. The type of album that makes haters fall thru they own asshole!!!
  5. He Has About 50 Million Hands In The Pot– With all of the help this album is getting it is reminding me of the Black Album. He even had Rick Ruban’s barefoot ass laying on the couch! I felt like screaming “And on the cool check in
    Center stage on the mic!!!!” looking azz! If you have every producer short of Quincy Jones in the room you better have some shit that will leave the jive turkeys running with their tails tucked!!! Or better yet the music better make fools tuck they whole summer in. Simple as that.

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