6 Things Ray J Can Do Besides Claim He Hit It First

Written by on April 29, 2013

I was reluctant to post on Urban Mogul Life about Ray J and his shinanagins, but why not? The lil dude is tripping to the 3rd degree with this wack song, and now he has the matching video to go along with it. And as I watched the cheesy smiles he gives the camera in the video, or the look-a-like Kim Kardashian prancing across the screen and all I think of was how dog lost. And instead of catching L’s maybe he should focus his lame elsewhere. So here are 6 things Raymond can do besides claim he hit it first.

  1. Concentrate on getting out of his sister’s shadow – Maybe Brandy can get him a job on “The Game” or something. Maybe she can pull her BET strings and get his ass a spot next to Bow Wow on 106 and Park. Brandy do your lil bro a solid. 
  2. Figure out a way to resurrect his 2 minute career – I mean was he a rapper or a singer? I’m confused. And can any Mogul name a song he dropped? Me neither. Oh wait, there was that song with Lil Kim. Score one for Ray J.
  3. Get back on his Money Team duties – Doesn’t Floyd Mayweather have a big fight this weekend. I am sure the lil dude Ray J can help carry a belt or two to the ring for him.
  4. Speaking of said bout, maybe he can sing the National Anthem – Or rap it. Shit we all need a hustle, maybe Ray J can kill two birds with one belt. Get some exposure by bringing Money to the ring AND grabbing the microphone and singing a song to the crowd as only Ray J can.
  5. Maybe he can start a petition to bring back Moesha – We all know Brandy most likely won’t be there, but that shouldn’t stop the lil homie from dreaming. He can possibly talk someone into having a Moesha spinoff starring him.
  6. Maybe he can sit back and watch old videos of him and Kim and remember the time – Ain’t nothing worse than simping in public for all to see. So why not instead just simp in the privacy of your own home? Ray J can play the home videos and grab a pair of Kim’s panties that I know he has stashed somewhere  and cry into them. Poor lil homie.


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