The Night Michael Jackson Changed My World

Written by on March 26, 2013


If you know me you know that I am a Michael Jackson fan. I have a 25 pound “coffee table” book to prove that claim. But I wasn’t always this cool. Growing up back in the day yo boy was a country music enjoyer. Only because my Grand-Moms used to bump that music early in the morning. And because of that, I ate my pancakes singing Kenny Rogers and Dolly Partons greatest hits. I was so much of a little junkie that my Ma-Dukes had a few worries about me. But 30 years ago this week, all of that changed.

This week marks the 30th anniversary of when Michael Jackson took to the stage during the Motown 25th Anniversary special. You know how you always know where you were when a certain event popped off? Well I know exactly where I was when Michael took to the stage.

30 years ago this week I could have easily been off playing with my Star Wars action figures. Making Darth Vader chase down Luke Skywalker in my bedroom oblivious of what was happening in the real world. But Ma-Dukes made sure I put down my toys to enjoy what she anticipated on being momentous.

I sat with her and watched artist after artist take the stage and not really caring too much about what I saw. Yeah it was cool to see the “old-school” vets hit the stage, but when the Jacksons came out all of my attention were on them. I sat captivated when those boys did their little medley routine, I thought these were the same cats who were on the cover of that scary album cover, (Destiny) look at them now. However, nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen next….. Billie Jean.

After Michael politely kicked Jermaine and them off the stage, he looked at the camera as if he was telling me… watch this shit. And I watched as the cat dipped and kicked around the stage on some next. I was sitting there like damn…. Kenny Rogers don’t be doing this signing The Gambler. WTF!!!! Yeah he had me wide open on some mama run to the store and get me a white glove so that I too make them scream. Hell I even saw grown men damn near ripping off their tuxes as they sung along with MJ. And when he busted out the moonwalk I could of sworn my moms looked at me like “yo country ass is going to learn tonite boy!!” I did Ma-Dukes. I sure in the hell did.

After Michael blushed and left the stage ripped apart for the rest of the Motown crew to work with all I could think about was I have to practice up. It was time for me to step my game up.

If it wasn’t for Ma-Dukes and Michael I may have ended up sitting somewhere in someones deep southern town driving a pick-up truck pumping gas at the town gas station. That was the night I experienced  a rebirth.

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