Why Big Boi Hopping On A Pair of Remixes With Andre 3000 Is Major!

Written by on January 2, 2013


Damn pigs must be outside flying because it looks like we will hear Big Boi and Andre 3000 on the same song at the same damn time! Yep Big Boi will hop on the remixes for Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” and T.I.’s “I’m Sorry” both featuring 3 Stacks. Now to some of you it may be like “so what”. I’m not talking to y’all. I’m here to chop it up with my Fam who thought we would never hear OutKast on the same recordĀ again. Or at least not this soon.

Last we heard Andre didn’t want an OutKast reunion on anyone else’s record. He wanted to protect the brand, or maybe just wanted him and his rhyming partner to reap any benefits that would be handed out. But somebody must have had a change of heart.

Big Boi recently tweeted the good news to the masses letting us know to look for Pink Matter next week! Word!?!

Now I’m not out to get you all hyped and geeked up, but could this mean that whatever has been in the way of these two recording/performing together is gone? Could we see a new OutKast album in the coming year? Or is this just a gem that will be dropped on us just as rare as a Sade album? Not sure at all but hopefully we will hear more from the Kast!!




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