Back For The First Time……

Written by on November 4, 2012

Ain’t nothing like the old thing baby….. ain’t nothing like the old thing…… sang it darling……. ain’t nothing like…..

This is a throwback for the Moguls who have been down since Day 1. If you were with us when we training wheels on the thing, you will instantly recognize this look. This was how UML looked back in 2009. Over the years we changed the look of the blog as we tried to find a new look. But the more we changed, the more we wanted to stay the same. So after weeks of deliberation we decided to hit the refresh button and go back to the Mogul Classic look of yesteryear.

Not sure how long we will roll with this look. Maybe just a week or two, or we may ride like this until the wheels fall off. But whatever we do you bests believe we will keep it Mogul.

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