Danny P Ocean’s Top Ten Crushes For The Summer of 2012

Written by on August 29, 2012


You know that lady. The one who makes you stop in your tracks when you see her on tv. Or when you hear her voice you make sure you to catch the visuals. If you are surfing the net, when a post concerning her passes you, you grab it, look at the picture, read it, look once again at the picture and  then let her on her way. You know 9 .99 times out of 10 you will never cross her path, BUT if you are ever in her radius you will make her recognize.

That’s the one this post is dedicated to. My top ten *low key celebrity crushes. We all know about the Janets, Kims, Rihannas, Nias, Angelinas, Kellys, Beyonces… you get hte picture right? Well this post ain’t for them. This is dedicated to those chicks who put the work in but may not make the “top ten” list of Fresh.

Lola Monroe

This is one beautiful Ethiopian sister. Just beautiful for no damn reason. And I look forward to every drop of beauty she has coming my way.

Zoe Saldana

She isn’t really on the low low, but she sure is fine. That sophisticated she would rather treat me to dinner fine. That I bet a conversation with her would stimulate your soul and funky emotions fine. She has so much style and grace that she needs to hold seminars for some of these up and coming cuties on Saturday mornings in the village square type fine.

Priyanka Chopra


“Let me take you down, cause I’m going to…. Bollywood….. Where everything’s good… And nothing for you to trip about…. Bollywood forever.”

This lady went from eye candy to international sensation. Beauty in motion always gets my attention.

Shevonne Sullivan

I swear whenever I catch Shevonne on TMZ an angel gets her wings!! Not sure exactly what it is about her, but she makes me want to hang out with her and all of her cats. Not sure she has cats, but she seems like the type to have cats. And I hate cats. That just lets you know how much I am down with Angel lady. And Angel Lady be nice when the paparazzi catch me coming out of a Vegas club with Janet Jackson, could ya?

Alex Wagner

I love a lady who is current on her affairs. That is probably why I have a thing for cute news reporters. I don’t catch her much, but when I do…..

I’m looking forward to being interviewed by her in two years. Goals Moguls, you have to start somewhere.

Jessica Alba

I mean it is Jessica Alba. Who doesn’t love her?

Jenni Farley

This that bullshit. I know. She seems like one of those jump-offs you would take home from the club and play a game of sleepers like it’s 1995 all over again!! I bet she can smoke with the best of them, out drink the rest of them. I just might regret it the next morning, but JWoww looks like she guarantees a nice drunk night!!

Olivia Munn

Olivia mf’n Munn!!! I’ve had eyes for her ever since she was on Attack of the Show. (My inner geek shines thru) What pretty girl do you know that can beatbox? Olivia mf’n Munn can!! Can you name a lady besides Roxanne Shante and Queen Latifah that even knows what beatboxing is? In fact, if I were to ever run across Olivia during my Mogul travels, we will spend the night spitting raw raps until the sun comes up.

Jill Scott

Jill Scott  is that nice cuddle buddy on a crisp fall night. A bottle of Ciroc, incense burning, and jerk chicken in the kitchen. A good ass night! What more can I say. I have been up on Jill for a minute now, as much of you have. On the low I am sure some of you She-Moguls have a woman crush on Jill. It’s okay…. I know…. nothing to be ashamed about. Jill has that effect on people.

Lolo Jones

You know how they had Love & Basketball? You can call this one Love & Hurdles. Even though she didn’t get her medal a few weeks ago during the Summer Games, she is still a winner in my book. Ooowa I just wanna lay, I just wanna lay in her hair all the live long day looking ass!!!

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