Men…. When You Marry A Drama Queen…. Expect Drama

Written by on August 14, 2012

I could care less about what happens in celebrity households honestly. Half the time I have my own nonsense to deal with. But with the drama that popped off this weekend with Chad Johnson, I felt the need to say a thing or two. Well actually one…. Don’t marry a drama queen/king Moguls!! It usually will end one way, drama popping off.

I don’t follow reality tv as much as I did when Real World 1 came out back in the the early 90’s, so I am not well versed on Evelyn Lozada. However many of you do, and I have plenty of friends who partake. I have gathered from video clips and dialogue with lady-friends that Ms. Lozada loves drama. She likes to toss bottles on other women, likes to fight in public areas, and from the sounds of it is nothing more than a hood rat who can’t control her emotions. So with that being said, is anyone surprised by the events that transpired between Chad and Evelyn?If you date/marry a firecracker, don’t be surprised if it backfires on you.

As a man you have to be smarter about who you choose to build your picket fence with. Good looks aren’t everything. If you know your lady-friend can blow up at the drop of a dime, why put yourself in that situation? Is the gamble worth it? Is your career worth it. These two have been married less than a season, not a television season, a meteorological season.  She catches him with a receipt for condoms and the shit hits the fan. While said shit was fan hitting, someone caught the other with a headbutt. And now Chad Johnson has a problem on his hands.

Was it worth it Chad?

Would you do it all again?

Ms. Lozada will milk this incident for all it is worth, believe that.

Evelyn Lozada has few words for Chad Johnson after his arrest for allegedly head-butting her — first, stop blaming me … and second, get help for your problems, now.

Evelyn tells TMZ, “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me…It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well.”

Most women if they were in a marriage of love would not be making statements right now. I would think that they would be somewhere getting their mind right. However from the sounds of it Evelyn Lozada found the nearest person who would listen to her song. Hmmmm. Maybe someone should have taken a stance when she was running up on all those females and this situation could have been averted. In case of a drug problem the attorneys for drug crime charges serving Long Island can help.

I don’t know who did what to whom since I wasn’t there. And unless at some point both of their stories coincide, I will never know. But what I do know is if you lay with firecrackers something just might pop off!!

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