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Written by on August 9, 2012

Creativity and jewelry go hand in hand. A jeweler from takes time to craft a piece from the inspiration around them, with hopes that the art will translate the same beauty to the buyer as it did to the creator. However, as with all artist it is a process to get the art to the masses. While designing jewelry involves freedom and expression, the business side of it demands discipline and determination.

To kick off our Meet A Mogul series, Urban Mogul Life interviewed entrepreneur LeReana Nichole president of May Vora Jewelry. LeReana Nichole took the time to explain what inspires her work as well as some of the challenges she faces bringing her art to consumer’s hands.

How did you become a jewelry designer?
Completely by accident because I always thought dress design was my calling! I designed a dress to wear to a fashion event in Milwaukee and felt it needed a statement necklace. I created a four tier necklace from pink beads, black rock chips, and chains with a magnetic clasp inspired from a vintage Channel necklace…the necklace received way more inquires than the dress did! I still design a dress from time to time- that is one of my passions so I can’t help but to keep designing dresses!

What inspires you when creating your designs?
Absolutely anything! From a song to chatting with friends, it all comes from allowing the creativity to be free and not structuring it too much.

What is your process from thought to completion?
I don’t have a set process really. Sometimes I’ll spend hours designing a piece, start creating it, then the piece will look nothing like the initial idea!

How do you decide on what materials to use?
It all depends on what collection I’m working on and what inspiration pops up! I try to stay as consistent as possible throughout a particular collection. The ‘Jade’ collection is eclectic and my creativity is untamed. ‘Aries’ collection has all the spunk and pops of colors that tend to be trendier. The ‘Leigh’ collection is full of metal base statement charms. ‘Euniece’ has sophistication and style using pearls, rhinestones and semi precious stones throughout the collection.

When did you decide to turn your passion into a business?
About a month after I received the first request to make a necklace! One of my best decisions to date!

How did you come up with the name May Vora?
By merging the name of my Aunt Mary and her husband, my Uncle Ivora, they passed away within days of each other in 2009. My Aunt and Uncle were like second parents to me and two of my biggest supporters with perusing a career in fashion! Every collection is named in honor of someone in my family or someone I’m extremely close to. ‘Jade’ is my god-daughter’s middle name. ‘Aries’ is my close friend’s middle name. ‘Leigh’ is a re-spelling of my Father’s middle name Lee. ‘Euniece’ is my Mother’s middle name. ‘Cole’, the men’s collection, is short for Coleman and ‘Trinity’, our little girl’s collection is named after a good friend’s daughter.

What obstacles have you encountered as a new designer?
Breaking into any industry is difficult, but fashion can be extremely difficult! As a new designer I’ve realized that many people want to know your resume as far as who has purchased, worn or knows about your line which means little to nothing when it comes down to the designer’s workmanship, passion, and originality! To me, a designer can have the top names wearing their brand but if the product falls apart or there is no consideration toward detail what exactly is the point? Quality takes priority in our designs.

Do you stay up on the current trends?
I do, but not feverously. My favorite fashion era is the 1940s and that’s where I draw most of my inspiration from.

Do you have collections for men?
YES! ‘Cole’ was formally launched at our Spring Trunk Show in June. The collection includes a range of bracelets and necklaces designed for casual wear or a special occasion. Chain mail, silk knots and leather are a few of the materials used for ‘Cole’.

What’s next for May Vora?
We are excited to introduce our newest collection designed especially for little girls, ‘Trinity’, in October! ‘Trinity’ and the ‘Sorority Collection’ are currently the only collections solely special order, making the jewelry pieces particularly exclusive. Also our Working Woman Wednesday series titled ‘Sip, Shop & Socialize’ is held every other month and the next social event is August 8, 2012 at Cuvee Champagne Lounge from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

How can our readers purchase your pieces?
After August 4, 2012, May Vora Jewelry will be featured at Flagship boutique located in The Shops at The Grand Avenue! Special orders are always welcome via email or call 262.744.1380 we are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Reader's opinions
  1. Tiffany (Johnson) Mose   On   August 3, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Nicky, I am so proud of you! Not because you’re family, but because you are a black woman who turned her vision into a reality. Keep up the amazing work. Be blessed!

  2. DeweyTresa   On   September 11, 2012 at 10:41 am

    We are very proud of you! You have taken a giantic step into your adult life and you are making the necessary sacrafices as well as hard work to make May Vora Jewelry successful. “Keep GOD In Front & In Focus”

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