How To Throw The Perfect Summer Cook-Out

Written by on July 31, 2012

So you have the music, the friends, the crib, and now all you need to do is throw the greatest BBQ ever! The type that will have your friends telling their grandkids about. I have thrown my fair share of shin-digs in my day, enough to shut down a small town. Word to GSU!!!! But some of us may need a few tips on what to do. Once again, we got you covered.

  • Food – This is the most important part of a cook-out. You have to have some food. I would recommend keeping it simple Mogul! Don’t go for the brisket or ribs unless your plan is to spend most of your day with your apron on. Get some brats, burgers, and chicken and the party will be more than satisfied. Also skip out on the frozen patties, unless you are grilling for your kid’s 5th birthday get some real ground beef. Take a few minutes to make the patties and season them up. The guest will love you for it.
  • Sides – Also keep it simple. Hopefully your grateful guest will show up with more than an appetite. But if all they have planned is to eat up your shit, then you will need to have something more than just meat. Go for the vegetarian baked beans, everyone doesn’t eat swine. Maybe a green salad or potato salad. Your guest won’t need much more, at least not from you. You are doing your part.
  • Keep It Easy On The Lighter Fluid – I would personally recommend Match Lite Charcoal, but some of you still love to do it yourself. If that sounds like you all you need to do is soak the charcoal with lighter fluid, wait a few  minutes, then light them up. You will probably need to resist the urge of squirting the grill after you already lit it. I know the fireball looks nice, but you don’t want your food to taste like fluid, do you?
  • Have A Great Selection Of Music Going – Do it a little better than just playing the radio. With all of these mp3 players out here, I know you or a friend will have a killer playlist. Pick a great set of songs that everyone will enjoy, remember this ain’t about you. It is about your company.
  • Keep The Guest List Small And Intimate – Once again you don’t want to be out there all damn day, so have a short list of your closet friends. Unless you are Diddy status, you probably wouldn’t want all of these people at your house to begin with.

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