Did You Hear The One About The Black Folks Who Couldn’t Get Married In The White Church??

Written by on July 31, 2012

So apparently a Black couple wanted to get married in an all-white church in Mississippi. They had the date set, sent out invitations, and all of that. However at the last minute, the church’s pastor told them that it was a no go.

Despite sending out invitations and setting a date, a black couple in Mississippi say that they were denied the opportunity to have their wedding at a local church because of their race. Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson told local NBC news station¬†WLBT¬†that pastor Stan Weatherford of First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs told them that his parishioners were “pitching a fit” about their color.

“The church congregation had decided no black could be married at that church, and that if he went on to marry her, then they would vote him out the church,” said Charles Wilson.

The Wilsons were trying to get married at the predominantly white First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs — a church they attend regularly, but are not members of.

“He had people in the sanctuary that were pitching a fit about us being a black couple,” said Te’Andrea Wilson. “I didn’t like it at all, because I wasn’t brought up to be racist. I was brought up to love and care for everybody.”

The church’s pastor, Dr. Stan Weatherford, says he was taken by surprise by what he calls a small minority against the black marriage at the church.

“This had never been done before here, so it was setting a new precedent, and there are those who reacted to that because of that,” said Weatherford.

Now maybe it is the smart dude in me, but I am guessing that this couple should have seen it coming. At no point they felt discriminated against? I am sure it was little clues here and there to make them see the light. But for whatever reason the Wilsons chose to ignore them. Then they look all surprised when at the last minute the church pulled the plug. Mr and Mrs Wilson, racism is still alive and kicking, and from the looks of it it is doing Judo down in Mississippi. My advice for you two is to find a spot that will let you praise God without judging you by your skin. They are out there, just make sure you pay attention to the clues put forth.


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