The Trilogy Syndrome….. Where Are You Now??

Written by on July 24, 2012

I recently took in The Dark Knight Rises as hundreds of thousands other Americans did this past weekend. And while it was a fantastic flick it got me to thinking about how time flies when you are waiting for a trilogy to finish. The Dark Knight trilogy started way back in 2005, seems like a long time ago doesn’t it? But what seems even longer was when Batman Begins came first came out and we knew we had at least 6 years before we got to the 3rd film.  Hell when Batman Begins hit theaters we still had W in the oval office, now Kool Barack Ski is trying to reup. Time flies.

So let’s just assume that the average trilogy takes about 7 years to complete. Starting from today where do you see yourself in 7 years? Married with children, getting your Al Bundy on? Will you be the owner for the team you play for? Or will you still be stuck in that rut talking about how it is going to get sweeter later? It’s up to you, you are the sole controller of your destiny. Even though at times we lose sight of the big picture because we are focusing on the small details. It’s hard to see Mona Lisa when we are staring at a strand of her hair.

Life is like a Ferris Bueller quote , it moves so fast that if you don’t stop now and then to smell the roses you just might miss it. Whether it is relationships or what have you, we often times are not satisfied with where our life is. So what do we end up doing? Staying pat and blowing a few more precious years in the process. Before you know it, another trilogy has come and gone and we are still stuck in the same mud we were in when the first flick dropped. Almost feeling like quicksand.

But don’t lose hope Moguls. True, life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. But that detour we didn’t envision may just be the scenic route that’s needed to put your movement in perspective. Sometimes moments like that  make us stronger and help us to appreciate the things that are right in our lives. No we can’t stop the hands of time no more than we can stop the rain from falling; but with careful and active participation when Avengers 3 drops we can be where we think we should be.


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