Perspective: This Eric Benet “Redbone” Nonsense Must Stop

Written by on July 24, 2012

Let me make this clear off top…. I am not an Eric Benet fan. Nothing against dude at all, but he just ain’t what I would pop in when it is chill time with my lady friend. It could be possible that my lack of interest goes back to the fact that the homie used to walk around bare-footed. Not sure, and don’t care. I understand non-interest. But with all of that being said, people are tripping about his new song called Redbone Girl.

“Redbone girl…. you came and you changed my world. Just like in the movies!”

If everyone was mad about the fact that the song is horrible I would nod my head in agreement and keep it moving. If the point of discussion was how wack Lil Wayne sounded, I would have shut my mouth and thought to each it’s own. But the matter of discussion seems to be focused on the fact that Eric Benet decided to sing his ode to one particular “light-skinned” lady. Like for real? Is there not anything else to pout about Black America?

A few facts we must look into before everyone gets their undies in a bunch.

  • Eric Benet is not the darkest brother. Dude ain’t looking like Wesley Snipes singing praises of light-skinned women from a mountain top. Pleighboi is light-skinned, or should I say lighter than the average dark skinned brother.
  • Eric Benet once made a song called Chocolate Legs. Where was the out cry then? Was it wrong for Mr. Benet to sing a song about a pair of chocolate legs? Did the light-skinned population get up in arms about their lack of song time?
  • Eric Benet stated at the top of the song that he loves all shades of women, this song was just about an episode of his love career. And we do remember that he was/is addicted to sex. So it is safe to assume that a)with his status he sexed a few women in his day (Halle Berry) b) he is REALLY addicted to sex. Most men love sex as it is, so for one to admit that he is addicted, he must REALLY love a good piece of nookey!!
  • Light-skinned women are Black people TOO!!

Now if Eric would have said all I love is light-skinned women y’all dark ones ain’t shit!! I would sympathized with everyone’s story. But for a man to sing about redbones and everyone getting mad is a perfect example of the ignorant self-hatred that has plagued us since the “house-nigga”/”field-nigga” days. I thought Spike Lee told us to wake up with School Daze? We still tripping.? Yeah Eric Bent likes redbones. Who doesn’t? Hell I like them also. But I also like blackbones, whitebowns, brownbones, tanbones, purplebones, pancakebones, etcbones. I love womenbones and I am sure Eric Benet as well, and so does every other man who doesn’t have a complex of some sort.

The deeper problem here is our self-hate that equates the closer the skin is to white the more beautiful it looks. WRONG! That shit been out of style since Al B. Sure. Ninja…A-A-AL B. Sure!! Real people in the community don’t care about skin tones as much as some people think they should. You can walk through any Black community and see all types of shades playing, spooning, grooving, laughing together. As a matter of fact you can walk into plenty of households and have a rainbow coalition of shades in any room at any given time. Black people come in all shades and hues, and some people may decide to sing about a particular shade from time to time. No harm, no foul.

The bigger issue that should be addressed is the hypocritical hate that permeates the community. On one hand we get upset because Eric Benet sings a tune about a light-skinned woman, BUT we talk about Baby Blue because she has features from her father (big nose and lips). Word…..

What we need to have a focused effort on is making sure that with all this “redbone” love the jerry-curl doesn’t make a triumphant return.

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