Glimpse The Light…

Written by on July 23, 2012


Glimpse the Light

How do you know that things are bad? It is only by seeing that they can indeed be better. How do you know that you have failed? It is only because you have a very real concept of success. How do you know you’re in the dark? It is only because you have glimpsed the light.

The longing which accompanies misfortune is an undeniable confirmation of the very real possibility of good fortune. Even the slightest twinge of discontent is evidence of the greatness that is surely possible for you.

In your disappointment is the affirmation of your possibilities. In the bitter is the grasp of sweetness. The pain of defeat does not prevent victory. Rather, it demonstrates that victory is indeed possible.

Do not be dismayed by your dismay. Find in it the resolve that it carries, and let it push you in a more positive direction.

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