Athletes Beware…. Don’t Slip Up This Time of Year.

Written by on July 23, 2012

This is usually the dry weeks of professional sports. The NBA season is long gone, the NFL is still a few days away from training camp, and college football is null and void. What’s a sports head like myself to do? True this year we have the Olympics to get us hyped, but let’s be honest just how many of the sports do we watch? Track n field, basketball, swimming, and I would think in some parts of the world soccer and gymnastics. (If you are looking forward to anything else you are truly a sports head!) The only thing left to get us over this mid summer hump are scandals!

So athletes please be mindful of how you kick it this time of the year. One bad night at the club can lead you into days of headlines. A bad tweet could have you apologizing the next morning after you realized you called an upset fan a (fill in your own derogatory name here). You can even mess your college/university up for years to come if you decide to do who-knows-what with little boys. The best thing for you to do now is practice. Practice. Practice. And practice some more!

If you don’t then understand you just may become food for the sports reporters out there trying to sell papers and advertising blocks. You life is now fair game to be broken down by critics with a microphone.


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