Toronto Man Pays Off Student Loan In Cash!!!

Written by on May 29, 2012

Straight cash homie!!

This is my dream right here. Driving down to the Sallie Mae office and tossing a Nike box full of cash across the table. Then looking at the worker and saying “straight cash homie!!”

Alex Kenjeev fulfilled the dream of every indebted student – with a grocery bag of cash.

The Toronto-based president of O’Leary Ventures recently sold his start-up for a profit, and realized he finally had the money to pay off his student loan in one fell swoop. But he wanted to make the moment mean something, so he went to his bank and asked for $114,460 in cash.

According to ABC News, the bank hesitated at first, saying he would have to pay for an armoured truck to carry that much cash. But the next day, according to the story, they counted out the money in a windowless room. “I put it into a grocery bag and walked a couple blocks to the other bank,” Mr. Kenjeev told ABC. “I tried to play it cool.”



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