10 Spring/Summer Dating Ideas

Written by on May 2, 2012


Time for the annual bucklist of things to do as the weather gets nicer. Most of these ideas are easy on the pocket which leads to more coin for #10.

  1. Picnic – Something as simple as a picnic can do wonders to the hustle of your life. Pack a few of your favorite finger foods and toss in some fruit for good measure. Also grab your radio and sit back and enjoy the day.
  2. Road Trip – Pull out your GPS and plot a route that will keep you on the road for a few hours. True with the price of gas these days, freeway cruising may not feel as appealing. But even thought it may cost you a kidney it is still fun. Gives you a moment to see the open road and hopefully you will make a stop or two to enjoy the hideaways you encounter.
  3. Patio Dining At Restaurant – Go to your favorite restaurant and pick the patio to dine. It is almost as good as a picnic.
  4. Amusement Park – If you are one of those daredevil types a trip to your local Six Flags can scratch that itch. Plus you can win her a stuffed animal! Just remember to pick an off day. Spending an hour just to get on a ride is high-blowing.
  5. Boutique Shopping – Pick a neighborhood and visit the small shops in the area. You may run across your new favorite spot.
  6. Hit The River or Lake – If you are so lucky enough to live by a body of water go check it out. There are tons of things to do from cruising the waters to dining.
  7. Food Festival – Hit up the annual food festivals in your area. There is nothing like good weather, good music, and the smell of good food in the air. And part of the fun is picking just what you want to eat.
  8. Field Trips – When was the last time you been to the zoo? How about the museum? The nature trail? See, there is a lot you can be doing. Make a list of 2 or 3 places to visit out of the ordinary and make a field trip out of it.
  9. Star Gazing – Pick a nice warm, clear night and look up at the stars. Make sure you get away from the city lights and look to the sky. There is no telling what you might see. Might even catch a shooting star.
  10. Vacation – Get away for a minute. Pack a bag and hop a flight to somewhere far away. Make sure the two of you leave all work back at home and just vamoose for a minute. Everyone needs a recharged battery every once in a while.

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