Things I Love: Vol. ATLiens

Written by on February 22, 2012

This album has to be one of the greatest pieces of art that Danny P has ever laid ears upon. I remember the scene like it was yesterday. Hitting up The Exclusive Company at midnight to pick-up ATLiens and New Edition’s Home Again (huge NE fan, but that is another post). Anywho, I got home and first played the NE joint. Got my vibe on and was feeling smooth. Then the main attraction was up next, the new album from Outkast ATLiens.

I was already hyped with anticipation due to Elevators, but no single could have prepared me for what I was about to listen to. I lit some incense, fired up my get right and pressed play on my cd player. And the rest as you can say was history. I sat back in my Cutlass and enjoyed the music under the August moon-light.For a minute there I actually felt I was an alien who could blend right on in, with my kin.

I won’t delve off into the particulars on why I love this album, because I figure if you stumbled across this blog you already know about Outkast and ATLiens. However, if you don’t please check it out. But wait until a hot August night AFTER midnight to enjoy this masterpiece. You will thank me in the morning.


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