And With This I Say Goodbye Air Jordans

Written by on February 21, 2012

This past weekend was an eye-opening experience; why the f#$k am I still buying Air Jordans? The stress I encountered trying to secure a pair of my Holy Grails was something that I should never have experienced. I mean all of this for a pair of sneakers? Really? Who still does this? Not Danny P? Surely not Danny f^&king P!!!

One would think that a billion dollar company like Nike would have a better way to distribute shoes that are in high demand. However, nope. Nike/Jordan Brand either doesn’t know or just don’t care how to release shoe such as the Air Jordan IV.

For those of you who just don’t know, the Air Jordan IV cement gray have not been released since 1999. So as you can imagine, the anticipation was thru the roof. So I already knew that getting my pair would be a task to say the least. But I had no idea that it would be that damn hard! First came Friday night. I was out getting a few drinks with some co-workers when it dawned on me that I needed to high-tail it home to sit in front of my internets to snag my pair. So I quickly finished my Ciroc, bid everyone a good night and headed to the crib. Once I made I headed straight to my laptop and iPad fired them up and tried to no avail to get mine. Eastbay crashed not allowing my to order, and just played with my emotions by allowing me to add the shoes to my cart but not letting me check-out. I was pissed off to say the least after an hour of getting nowhere on both sites. The kicks were sold out once Eastbay decided to let me get thru. And, don’t even mention them. They ended up having to shut down the site because of high demand. Damn!!!! Shit is getting tight.

So the next morning I arose at the ass crack of dawn and headed to the local Foot Locker to stand in line to get my Holy Grails. Luckily when I got there no one was in line, so I was able to chill in the comfort of my nice and stay warm. But then out of nowhere the shorties pulled up and within 1 minute there was 8 people in line!!! It was like this cats came out the sewer or some shit!! I quickly shut down the ride and ran to get in line. Mind you it was probably about 20 degrees outside and I left my beanie at home, leaving me cold and pissed. We were all hoping that the store would open at 9 am, but of course when it is cold nothing goes the way you hope. The manager didn’t pull up until 9:15 leaving us waiting until 9:50 to let us in. As the time slowly crept pass, I began to think what the fuck am I doing here? What happened to all my connects at shoe stores?  Why Danny P? Why?

The questions almost led me to hopping back in the car and pulling the fuck off. But I waited this long, I might as well leave with my shoes. Right? Wrong. Some employee came out and told the line of about 30 people that the store only had 14 pairs of shoes!!!!!! “The hell you talking bout Willis!!!!” 14 pairs?? I began to look at everybody shoe size, and it seemed to me that all of the dudes wore a size 10!!! Each and every last one of them. And too top it all of the vultures began to lurk looking at us like they wanted to play stick-up kid!! Again I asked myself, what are you doing here Danny?

To make a long story shorter, I got my shoes. Had to go to a 10.5, but I got my shoes. Half of the line left upset. And the stick up kids went away empty-handed, (I think). And I came to the conclusion that with that release I am humbly bowing out of the Air Jordan game. If I can’t walk into the store to buy them, or cop online, I am not getting them. Never will I stand in a line for a pair of “gym shoes!!” Not even if they were autographed by Jesus, Jordan, Jackson, and everybody that he know! Standing in line for 14 pairs of shoes with stick up kids hovering around like vultures is not the move for a GROWN ASS MAN! I will leave that for the youngings. I, myself is moving on.

Goodbye Air Jordans it was fun while it lasted.

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