Top 3 Reasons Why I Defriended You On Facebook

Written by on February 13, 2012

I love Facebook, after all these years I still have love for you Facebook. If used correctly, Facebook is like customizable white pages that give updates. But if it is abused, Facebook can be one major high blower; DAILY! We all have those friends, family members, associates, third grade teachers, or  whathaveyou that always seem to be a Debbie Downer. You know the people who always seem to be having a bad day….. everyday!!! So if you are one of those people and are wondering why Danny P dropped you from his stream, guess no more.

  1. You Always Seem To Be Sitting In Church – If everyday you have a message from the Lord or speaking on how because of your love for Jesus you have no man/woman then I need to cut you loose. I love God and all just like the next person, but I don’t wanna read about YOUR LOVE for God everyday. I know the world is messed up, and I am honestly happy that you have found a friend in Jesus, but I swear I don’t want to read about it all day and day. I mean if your love is that strong maybe you should become a nun and have this conversation with other like minded individuals. Or I will do you one better, send me an invite to your Sunday school. If I show up, I want to hear about all that is good, if I don’t then please spare me the details. Don’t want to hear it.
  2. EVERYDAY IS A BAD DAY – We all have those bad days where we just want to vent to anyone that seems to be listening, but damn I feel sorry for some of you out there. It seems like you can’t catch a break! Your dog died, you lost your Starbucks card, people are all in your business, your boss is tripping, your life sucks etc. etc. etc. Damn it sucks to be you don’t it? Facebook should bring happiness to all the socialites out there, not bring rain showers. I don’t want to read it, mess up someone else’s newsfeed.
  3. You Send Out To Many Invites – No I don’t want to play Farmville. No I don’t want to join Mafia Wars or Gang Wars or Street Thug Wars or any other Wars. As much as I love Star Wars, I don’t want to join your Jedi team. I don’t want to out cook you, play Bejeweled, and I sure don’t want to join your Oregon Trail. Nope don’t want to do it.

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