Have We Lost One of the Last Real Icons of the 80’s????

Written by on February 13, 2012

*Disclaimer- I know at times I can come off harsh, but I mean no disrespect to any artist living or dead. By no way am I trying to place any person’s life over any others. But I have to ask, have we lost the last of our Icons?

The other day our world was rocked, we lost WHITNEY HOUSTON. Like damn homie, we lost another BIG NAME. The news of Whitney’s untimely, premature death brought CNN’s regularly scheduled Saturday night programming to a freeze. The news was all Whitney. We wanted to know what happened, and CNN was ready to deliver. Similar to when the King of Pop passed, Whitney (Queen of Pop) brought the world to a pause. Even in death she owned the moment.

Shortly after I thought to myself, have we lost the last one? Is there another artist who blew up in the 80’s capable of shutting down CNN? Of course the name that immediately that pops in your head is Madonna. And I am sure the day the we lose the Material Girl the world will come to a stand still. But after Madonna who else? Michael is gone. Whitney is gone. Luther is gone. Will Prince bring the world to pause when we lose him? How about George Michael? Billy Ocean? Lionel Richie? Boy George?

Once again I am not trying to place more importance on someone’s life, but losing Whitney so close after Michael you realize that “Damn Whitney AND Michael are GONE!” Simple and final. Like half of the Beatles are gone; half of the 80’s Mount Rushmore of Music is gone. Madonna is left standing, maybe you can throw Prince in there. But after that it is on to the 90’s.

Long sigh……


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