Things I Love: Day 3 – Big Daddy Kane

Written by on February 3, 2012

Ain’t no half stepping…… Cause I’m the Big Daddy Kane


To me Big Daddy Kane was much more than a rapper. He was a way of life, especially for a young  cat like myself growing up in the late 80’s. I was unfortunate or fortunate (depending on when you ask me) to not really have a father in my life to show me the little things a young man should know. So like millions of other young men, I had to make do with what was around me. Of course I had some positive males in arms distance that I could get jewelz from. But young people always look to the screen for individuals to relate to either good or bad.  And at the time it was Big Daddy Kane for me. The ninja who put the M in macking because when the others were doing it they was just acting.

Big Daddy Kane personified coolness for me. He made it cool to be a dark-skin brother with the peezy hair. Back in the late 80’s it was all about the light skin dudes with duke in their hair looking like Al B Sure. But Kane was a whole different cat. Not only was he putting time in for the Wesley Snipes of the world, the ladies loved him. I mean dude took naked pictures with Madonna! El Debarge ain’t do that!


I mean what didn’t Big Daddy Kane have?


Style? Yep he had enough to borrow to a generation of rappers. Ask Grand Daddy IU, Biggie and Jay-Z. And I am sure there is a grocery list of rappers named Daddy That or Big This that I am forgetting about.


Jewelz? Did y’all see his Nefertiti head that he would rock? How bout the crown ring? You missed that too? Tsk, tsk.

[ youtube JoiRBs8wCJY]

Lyrics? He could toe-toe with any rapper back then and I am sure he would eat them alive. However no one tested his mettle. They knew. Kane wasn’t Half Stepping.


Dress Code? Kane could rock suits, jeans, velour, leather and still keep it OG. He made it natural, real men have styles in their wardrobe. You shouldn’t get boxed into a single style.


Swagger? I hate using this word now, because lames have made it lame. So you tend to forget the TRUE meaning of swag. But if you want to know what swag was before it went Hollywood, check out Kane. Big Daddy had it.


Stop me at anytime.


Knowledge? It is because of Kane that I began to look outside of Christianity for the answer from the Higher Being. Playboy spit Jewelz all up in his rhymes. Kane had me getting my Knowledge of Self before I got into Malcolm.


So I would like to take this time to toast for Big Daddy Kane. UML’s Unsung hero. Word up. Next time a shorty asks me “Cool, where you get your Cool from?” I will put them up on Big Daddy Kane. So when someone asks them where they got they Cool from, he can say, “I’ma tell you like a Ninja told me!”




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