Things I Love – Day 2: Air Jordans

Written by on February 2, 2012

To know Danny P, is to know that I love Air Jordans. I have Jordans for sunny days, Jordans for balling, Jordans for chilling, Jordans for grilling, Jordans for cutting the grass, Jordans for breaking necks, Jordans for styling, Jordans for flossing, Jordans for stunting, Jordans for shoveling the snow, Jordans, Jordans, and more Jordans. I am to Jordans like Run is to Adidas. Yep.

I have been down with Air Jordans since before Jordan was Jordan. In fact I was styling in those joints when the lames considered them moon boots. Not sure exactly what it is about those kicks, but it is something special to crack open a fresh box of Jordans. The colors, the smell and the pure feeling of bliss overwhelms me every wop. I guess that would explain why my closet looks like the storage room for Footlocker.

I mean I have multiple colors of the same shoe, and I have a few rare airs that I haven’t even blessed yet. You know it is, the day has to be picture perfect along with 73.9 degrees. If it ain’t that, those XI’s stay in the box with the silica packs. Can’t waste the clear bottoms on a gloomy cold day. Straight blaspheme.

So when you take that after work happy hour toast today, throw one back for Air Jordans. Got to love them. I sure do.

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