The Denzel Washington Rule

Written by on February 2, 2012


So let’s just say you meet a nice young lady that you are digging something bad. You fool around and talk to her in passing a few times and now you want to move it to the next level. Good idea, right. Yeah go for it. But when you move in for the kill and ask her to go out on a nice date of steak, potatoes and movies, she gives you the I’m busy excuse. WTF???

Yes a lady can be busy, in fact I love it when a lady is busy. That way I can still have a fair amount of me time. But if she gives you the I’m busy routine, fall back. Think about if Denzel Washington was on the phone asking her to join him at the Texas Roadhouse would she still be that busy? NO, I don’t think so. She would find time for him if it meant adding 3 more hours to the day. Why am I saying this you ask.

Well if a lady is feeling you as much as you are feeling her she would make time for you. Even if she is truly busy that night, she would come up with a list of other options for that dinner and movie. But if she says she is busy and doesn’t offer alternatives, then my friend you may just need to move on. Find another person to share that piece of moo with. In fact cut that zero, fall back and when she comes to her senses she will come up with another time. If not, you didn’t need her. She will remember the time.

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