Things I Love – Day 1: Beautiful Women

Written by on February 1, 2012

I am a sucker for a beautiful lady. Ever since I was a young lad, I had a thing for beautiful ladies. Wether it was the girl down the street or pretty pig tailed girl sitting behind me in class, if she was good looking she had my undivided attention. Some dudes with low self esteem can always be caught with an ug ug on his arm. Bless the squares heart, ugly women need loving too. But Danny P needs and always needed to be around the beautiful ones.

You may ask why? Well it is quite simple; being in the presence of beautiful women guaranteed one thing, more beautiful women. Women for the most part are as simple as men, they want what they perceive they should have. If you are at a table of beautiful women laughing, drinking and feeling good. The other beautiful ones feel like they are missing out on something; your company. Before you know it, when you slip away into the shadows of the spot, the beautiful lady who doesn’t
know you will be trying to get your attention. Why? Because everyone else seems to know you, why shouldn’t she. Let me give you the classic example.

Back in the day when I was first learning my bop, I fancied a pretty young lady. She wasn’t just your ordinary pretty lady, she was more of a barn burner, the type of girl you would give your chicken patty to and starve the rest of the day. But for whatever reason she just wasn’t checking for me. I wasn’t the classic d-boy that she was used to, and I was probably a tad too young for her taste. I tried to get her attention, but it was to no avail she wasn’t checking for me. But when she caught me at the party, it was a different story.

That night I must have had the glow like Sho-Nuff because the girls, the girls, wanted me. Maybe it was the rayon shirt I copped earlier that day that had them going. Whatever it was, I wasn’t mad. But lo’ and be hold old Barn Burner spotted me by the refreshment table in my cool and she wanted to holla. Damn near broke her neck to get next to the kid. I was surprised at the 180 turn, I just blamed it on my new lucky shirt. But looking back it was the Beautiful Girls that hooked her in. If they knew me, she felt as though she had to know me also. Call it the laws of the Universe.

So Day 1 of my love story goes to the Beautiful Ones.

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