Danny P Ocean’s Ten Ways to Be the Best Dressed Man in Any Room

Written by on January 30, 2012

Danny P Ocean’s Ten Ways to Be the Best Dressed Man in Any Room

Being able to dress to the 9’s is an art form that many men don’t master. From off the rack suits to oversized shirts, most men end up looking like clowns when they think they are doing it. To spot a well dressed man is like spotting a pink unicorn riding a unicycle with a unibrow. It is rare. And one way to stand out is to be that unicorn. Make sure you are the one that is pleasing to the sight of others. Is it hard to do? Nope, but you have to put in a little effort.

  1. Accessorize – One thing that you can do to set yourself apart from the lames is to accessorize. Pocket squares, cuff links, tie bars can go a long way. As a matter of fact, if you throw on a suit you should make sure that you have a pocket square peeking out. That little splash of cloth is an essential part of your costume. A suit without a pocket square is like you are walking around naked. However the key to it is to make sure it doesn’t look like your tie. You don’t want to make it look like you’re trying too hard (see #5)


  1. Pick Classic Styles – When you become a man, you will realize that those loud Steve Harvey suits look best on your Uncle Ray-Ray with the snake skin shoes. Leave those bright yellow suits for the pimps on Easter Sunday. If you go with classic styles, not only will you look good today, you will also look good tomorrow. Plus if anyone happens to take a snapshot of you, you won’t be embarrassed 10 years later when you look back on the photo. You don’t want to be caught looking like Big Bird with orange gators on.
  2. Make Sure Your Tie Tip Touches The Top Of Your Belt – I laugh when I see a man whose tie goes past his belt. Not a good look. Your tie should not go past your belt for any reason.
  3. Pay Attention To Detail – Make sure you iron your clothes. It doesn’t have to look like you ran through a shower of starch, but it also shouldn’t look like you slept in your clothes either. Take a hot iron filled with water to your clothes. The women will thank you later.
  4. Don’t Over Do It – Pick and choose how you want your cool to look. No need to look like you is wearing everything you own. If you have on a tie, a tie bar, 3 rings, a bracelet, a watch, suspenders, a belt, a pocket square, a hat, you are doing too much. Way too much.
  5. Wear A Watch – I live by the words of Malcolm X, don’t trust a man who doesn’t wear watch. They have no respect for the concept of time. On top of that, what better ways to say you are about business than a nice watch? Women know when you are Mr. Nice Watch.
  6. Color Coordinate – Get your match on. Your shoes should match your belt, which should match your watch, which should match your tie bar (if you are wearing one). Don’t wear black shoes with a brown leather belt. You will look like you don’t know what you’re doing. BUT if you have on a pocket square, it should NOT look exactly like your tie. Skip those matching tie/pocket square boxes. They will have you looking like a lame up until you take them off.
  7. Wear Dark Color Suits At Night – Save brown, tan and light gray suits for the day. Brown suits should not be worn past sundown. Once the street lights come on it should be black, dark grays, or navy blue. Dark colors make you look sophisticated at night. You will look like the man of the hour.
  8. A Man Only Need 4 Colors of Suits: Brown, Black, Navy Blue, and Grey – Like I said earlier, leave those bright color clown suits for the lames who can’t dress. The crown royal, curl wearing, gator shoe cats. If you are caught wearing a lime green suit you better be on the street collecting your money.
  9. Have Fun With It – Make dressing up fun. It shouldn’t be a chore getting your cool in order. The simple rules to follow is to keep it simple, don’t try too hard, make sure you impress yourself and follow my 10 basic rules.  If you can do that I promise the women will be lined up single-file.


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