Where Ya Been Danny P??? Where Ya Been???

Written by on December 19, 2011

I know some of you out there is beginning to wonder what is up with UML? No new post, no videos, no Daily Jewelz, no new Fresh, no new anything. And all I can say to that is No Shit!!! I have undoubtedly slowed my posting from a creep to straight chill mode. The last two weeks or so of little to no posting on my part has allowed me to step away from the madness that is blogging and  just do other things. As I have said on a few occasions, blogging ain’t easy. It is a full-time job trying to keep up on the new dealings from lil so and so, and young such-n-such. All the while trying to juggle the different things you have going on outside of the internets. And I ain’t going to lie, I thought of pulling the plug on the show.

It was cool to take a little vacation from my laptop that turned out to be an appendage. With over two years of constant posting, Danny P Oceans cool had to get renewed. Ya boy was tired. So the break was much-needed. I was able to put things into perspective and plot a smarter, not harder method to my madness. And after a few days of in the wilderness meditating, I’ve awaken wiser and hungrier. And the passing thought of doing a curtain call has turned into another round of UML. I guess I am a glutton for the abuse.

For some strange reason, when I try to get out of the game, it calls me back in. Blogging is the addictive love that you want to step away from, but for some strange reason you keep coming back. That is the best way I can sum up my dedication to the Brand That Is Urban Mogul-Life. I should probably leave the table while I am up, but the feel of tossing the dice keeps me in the huddle.What they hittin’ fo?? Shake em up, shake em!!!

So I am back Moguls. I renewed my contract, and am back at it like a crack addict. With a new walk, talk, and cool. Things will be a little different as I try new things to move the site ahead. Some features will go, but new ones will manifest. And I promise you all, UML will still be the UML that you have grown to know and understand.



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